About a decade ago, my family purchased a house in Arcadia with two large lantern posts in the backyard. We were told by the neighbors that the lights were installed in 1953 by the former owner of the house, an electrician at the time. For some reason, both lamps stopped working some time within the last year or so; however, since our previous tenants didn't care much for backyard activities, the issue was neglected until only recently.


Within the past week, we've had our lantern posts and exterior wiring examined by three electricians, all of whom speculated with in confidence and quoted us outrageous prices for troubleshooting the problem. One electrician requested batteries for his voltage tester *after* giving us several preposterous "reasons" why our entire electrical system needed to be upgraded because his device couldn't detect a voltage. One electrician even told us that he'd need to unearth our entire system of electrical wires to diagnose the problem and give us an approximate quote!

Fed up with the incompetence and lack of professionalism displayed by the acquaintances of my mom's friends, I turned to Google. After browsing through a couple of sites I quickly decided to give Pasadena Electrician a call and I am so glad I did!


Cory arrived on time, about an hour after I made the call. He courteously introduced himself to my mom and patiently listened as she tried to explain our problem with her adorable Chinglish. When she was done, he explained that he would examine the electrical circuits and panels before giving us a quote. After his inspection, he quoted us a most reasonable price--$180 for the job, and only if he managed to get our lights shining again. We were taken aback by the quote since it was much lower than what the other electricians charged, but we didn't expect him to so easily detect and resolve the problem like he did. Within an hour or so, our lantern posts were beaming again! My mom was so pleased that she even asked Cory to troubleshoot our broken swimming pool light and some malfunctioning exterior outlets. Soon, everything else was restored to functionality as well--and only for an additional $80, inclusive of replacement parts!

All in all, today was a great day for me and my mom. Thanks to Cory, our new tenants will be able to enjoy the beauty of our garden and pool at dusk, illumined by the soft glow of our lantern posts. My family is definitely lucky to have found an honest and reliable service we can trust.

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